Backyard Pavilions are a very beautiful idea for your backyard.  It makes a great addition to any home. Both sturdy and stylish, they offer a great way to accentuate your property.

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Single Roof Style

Single roof style pavilions are a simple, yet elegant addition to any back yard. It gives you a place to relax and enjoy the breezes, and yet escape the hot sun. Or a place to enjoy watching it rain and yet stay dry. 

Double Roof Style

Are you looking for all the same benefits as the simpler pavilion, but with a little more style and beauty? The double roof style is a great way to add some style to your backyard project. And it allows for heat from a grill or a group of people to escape up between the two roofs and you still stay dry!

Single Roof

Single roof pavilion.

Double Roof

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Other Options & Decorations

We can also incorporate a screen style room to help keep bugs away. And adding a side wall helps with blocking late afternoon sun rays. Also add a stylish ceiling to provide some style and beauty!

Side Wall

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Screen Room Style

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Stylish Ceiling

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What is the Purpose of a Gazebo?

Gazebos are a beautiful centerpiece for your backyard. They can be decorated for outdoor celebrations like reunions and weddings. They are also great for fun photogenic opportunities! They can also fill an empty landscape area from an architectural perspective.

A gazebo often has a railing similar to deck, and can be added to a deck to provide a shaded area to relax without creating a completely different structure. Or they can be a self-contained structure with there own floor and can be made to be easily movable for different occasions. Gazebos are often either octagon or oval. 

Gazebo With A Deck Around It

Gazebo with a deck around it.

Decorative Gazebo

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Photos Of Gazebos We Have Completed!